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STEAM+ stands for: Science, Technology, Earth, Art, Media, + Socio emotional education. See also the 21st Century Skills by Yeti.

Creative Subjects: Fun Learning

Yeti-Design wants to make learning fun again for children and teachers. By going outside and experiencing nature, digital escape rooms, communicative and cross-curricular learning, experimenting and above all doing! Simple steps and direct communication in the teaching materials allow students to quickly get started with many different techniques. They learn how to deal with a changing world in which different cultures, digital media, large information flows and how to deal with our planet and its ecosystems becomes insightful and manageable.


Online and Offline

The teaching material is available in various forms, both online and offline. Most of the programs can be used offline from a digital whiteboard (or in print), some modules can only be followed online. Yeti uses STEAM+ for a large part of the lessons. This is based on STEAM, but with a few extras such as respect for the earth and ecological processes, respect for each other and for humans and animals in general and being able to deal with emotions is also part of the program.


In terms of content, the material follows three domains:

  • Thinking: Learning to think (and do) using creative, innovative and problem-solving skills. STEAM+ cross-curricular lessons integrated in the program (low entry, little to no basic knowledge required from teacher and student)
  • Doing: Learning techniques and skills through experimentation and doing, mistakes will help to learn and grow
  • Sharing: Communication, working together, fun, but also knowledge of the impact of (Social) Media.


Yeti and Yak

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