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Teaching Materials for the Creative Subjects in Primary School

Are you looking for the most complete teaching material for primary education that focuses on the 21st century skills of SLO? Then you have come to the right place with us. Yeti's teaching material for creative subjects in primary education is aimed at creative thinking, sustainability, social-emotional acting and thinking, but it also already offers a good basis for the exact subjects (see also Steam Plus).. 

Easy and fast

The lesson materials are easy to work with, partly because of the clear structure of the lessons, but also because of the handy teacher's manual supplied. Children can get started right away thanks to the teaching material that explains in steps what the assignment is, and the teacher needs minimal preparation time thanks to the manual in which the basic material but also the in-depth knowledge is already included. This, in combination with handy lists of the necessities for each lesson, means that students enjoy going to school more and that it also makes work a lot easier for teachers.

Teaching materials primary education for group 1 to group 8

The teaching material for primary education focuses on creative thinking, based on the guidelines of the SLO, supplemented with extra skills with regard to sustainability, social-emotional skills and insight into media and advertising. See also the skills for the 21st century and the Steam Plus further developed by Yeti. The teaching materials emphasize creative thinking, experimentation, the use of digital media, social-emotional skills and sustainability. In the teaching materials for primary education, children learn to learn and think in a playful way. We offer a complete curriculum from group 1 to group 8. Our teaching materials have a logical structure and cross-curricular lessons are offered.

 Lesmateriaal basisonderwijs

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Teacher's guide: lesson preparation takes teacher less time

Thanks to the handy teacher's guide, Yeti's lessons are much easier for teachers. Simple, visual steps in the teaching materials help students get started right away. Differentiation in the lessons is offered through additional background information appropriate to each lesson. There are practical lists of supplies to prepare for the lesson. The teacher thus has significantly less preparation time than is the case with other teaching materials.

Creative thinking: More space for art and culture and experimentation and creation

Our teaching materials combine play and learning in a unique way. There is room for art, culture, sustainability, but also for experiment and creation. Digital information skills are also part of our teaching material for primary education. Doing, daring, taking experiments, but also making mistakes and learning from them is the basis for the lessons. Children are challenged to develop their critical thinking skills. The lessons can be used as print or digital / online.

Student competency tracking system: focused on the qualities and interests of the student

For each pupil a profile (Pupil Competency Profile, CCP) can be built up of their interests, skills and qualities during primary school. This makes it easier for the student to make choices in the future for secondary education, but also for later. Teachers and students maintain the system themselves in an CCP sheet per student. The tracking system can only be offered when using the full lesson plan.



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